West tn delta heritage center brownsville tn 001

West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center

Welcome! We hope you enjoy this special highlight tour of our exhibits.

All the stops are less than 3 minutes long, and most are about 1 1/2 minutes.

Come back later to see what new objects we'll feature!

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121 Sunny Hill Circle, Brownsville, TN, 38012
West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center
  1. Cotton Gin Toy Display
  2. Boll Weevil Trap
  3. Antique Cotton Planting Equipment
  4. Fish Traps
  5. Water Measuring Instruments
  6. Insect Collection
  7. Signed Guitar
  8. Billy Weir
  9. Elvis Presley Faux Fur Jacket
  10. Last Home of Sleepy John Estes
  11. Map of Sleepy John’s Tours
  12. Chairs in "Sleepy" John Estes' Home
  13. Flagg Grove School
  14. 50th Anniversary Tour Costumes
  15. Tina Turner's Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Costume