John mcintyre 3

3 McIntyres

As you follow the arrow and continue up the historic white picket fence, you will come to marker #3. This family of gold miners had a boarding house at Paradise flat up above Helltown. Miners from all over stayed there as they searched for their fortune in gold. The family was known far and wide as the Fiddlers on Butte creek. Miners would travel great distances to be in their camp to dance and enjoy outdoor music in this historic setting.

John Westlund Memorial Cemetery Tour
  1. Introduction by Julia Westlund
  2. 1 John Westlund Memorial
  3. 2 Unmarked Pioneer Graves and Time Capsule
  4. 3 McIntyres
  5. 4 Howard Carry and Friend Baker
  6. 5 Coleman Family
  7. 6 Original Hintz/Ferguson Cemetery
  8. 7 Gypsy Style Grave
  9. 8 John and Rachel Westlund Grave
  10. 9 Grant and Barbara Benton Grave
  11. 10 Horning Family Grave
  12. Epilog