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Preservation Hall

The small hallway to the left as you exit the Civil War Room includes displays of the ceiling tiles and wiring before restoration, as well as photos of the stages of the process.

In the 1920s a small catwalk connected the hotel with the building beside it, where an additional eight rooms were available to rent. As you can see, a hotel guest is preparing to go across to his room.

Incidentally, the small flight of steps across from this area led to the toilet for this floor.

CRHM Guided Tour
  1. The Hotel and The Drummers' Room
  2. Front Lobby
  3. The Dining Room
  4. Railroad Room
  5. Manager's Suite
  6. Hall and Back Lobby
  7. The Second Floor
  8. 1920s-era Hotel Room
  9. The Business and Commerce Room
  10. Dickson County Rooms
  11. Civil War Room
  12. Preservation Hall
  13. Dickson County African American Community & Hampton School
  14. Governor Clement Rooms
  15. Model Railroad Exhibit