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First Floor: Reference/Instruction Librarian's Office

Note: during the 2020/21 academic year, the reference/instruction librarian's office will be closed and all reference interviews will take place via email and/or MS Teams.

The reference/instruction librarian’s office is across from the circulation desk and is (usually) your main point of contact for research help on a weekday. Send her an email with your research questions and she'll get back to you when she can.

Gérard V. La Forest Law Library
  1. Welcome!
  2. Justice Gérard V. La Forest
  3. First Floor: Circulation Desk
  4. First Floor: Mackay Reading Room
  5. First Floor: Computer Lab
  6. First Floor: Reference Desk
  7. First Floor: Rare Books Room
  8. First Floor: Reference/Instruction Librarian's Office
  9. Study Carrels
  10. Second Floor: Stacks
  11. Second Floor: Mackay Reading Room, Mezzanine Level
  12. Conference Rooms
  13. Third Floor: Government Documents & Journals
  14. Third Floor: "Old Section"
  15. Comfortable Seating