Station 12

International Materials & Journals A–R

In Stack 309, you’ll find our International Materials. International law refers to laws that regulate conduct between countries, like treaties, UN documents, and decisions from international courts, all of which you’ll find in Stack 309. In contrast, foreign law refers to the domestic law of other countries or jurisdictions, like statutes and case law from the UK or the United States.

Print journals with titles from A–R are in stacks 301–309. Like the journals on the second floor, they are arranged alphabetically by title and can’t be taken out of the library.

If you look beside Stack 301, you’ll see Conference Room 6. Like Conference Room 5, Room 6 is one of our smaller, more hidden-away study rooms that can sometimes be difficult to find. If you ever have trouble finding any of our conference rooms, you can ask the library staff at the circulation desk to point you in the right direction.

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