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Educating Students - Daniels College of Business

Here we are on the Campus Green outside of our Daniels College of Business, a brick building with columns facing the green. To the south we see University Hall, and to the north is Margery Reed Hall. Daniels is known for its emphasis on ethics, with highly-ranked undergraduate and graduate programs.

The student to faculty ratio here at DU is 12:1, with an average class size of 22 students. 94% of classes have fewer than 50 students, and 99.9% of classes are taught by professors. This fosters an environment in which it is easy to build relationships with both peers and faculty members. I have had classes ranging from 8 students to 96 students, and in each of these experiences my professors put in the effort to get to know the students names, held multiple office hours, and made sure we were all engaged and on track with material. 

You might not know that DU works on a quarter system instead of a semester system. One of the main reasons I actually chose DU was the quarter system. Our academic year consists of three terms - Fall, Winter and Spring. Each quarter is 10 weeks long, followed by an exam period. Students may opt to take classes during Summer quarter, but it is not required, and limited coursework is offered. I love the quarter system because it enables students to have a well-rounded education. With more than 100 areas of study offered, it provides more flexibility in your schedule to try different classes and figure out your passions. 

Just a short walk behind you to the right is our next stop at Anderson Academic Commons. 

University of Denver Campus Audio Tour
  1. Introduction - Mary Reed and University Hall
  2. Educating Students - Daniels College of Business
  3. More than Just a Library - Anderson Academic Commons
  4. Getting Involved - Driscoll Green, Community Commons, and Old Fraternity Row
  5. Athletics and Wellness - Coors Fitness Center and the Ritchie Complex
  6. Life in Denver, CO - Dimond Family Residential Village and the City of Denver
  7. The Liberal Arts Philosophy - Sturm Hall
  8. Experiential Learning and Academic Support - Joy Burns Center/ Knoebel School of Hospitality Management
  9. Global Perspectives - SIE Complex
  10. Residence Life and Experiential Communities - Johnson McFarlane Hall
  11. Innovation and Exploring Your Interests - Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science and Newman Center
  12. Conclusion - We Are The University of Denver