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Maynard Dixon’s American West- Sponsor’s Panel

The story of the conceptualization and eventual development of Western Spirit: Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, involves many individuals who without their vision, dedication, and resourcefulness, this museum would not be celebrating in 2020 its fifth successful year of being another point of pride for our city of Scottsdale. 

At the time Scottsdale Museum of the West, a 501-c-3 organization, received in early 2013 the unanimous support of the Scottsdale City Council authorizing the Museum Management Agreement which initiated the building’s design and construction, many people of our community and beyond helped our founding Board of Directors present the vision and mission of the institution to our city leaders and our community at-large. 

Coincidently, the story of the extraordinary life and influence of Maynard Dixon came front and center in our early discussions and public presentations about how our museum would help visitors discover a new interest in the people and events that created the American West as we know it today. Founding Trustees, Abe Hays and Tim Peterson, along with a staunch supporter and collaborator of the museum’s development and a highly respected gallery owner in Tucson, Dr. Mark Sublette, each of whom has been major collectors, scholars, and admirers of Dixon’s works, provided others greater appreciation of how our museum someday could present outstanding exhibits of loaned collections, the likes of this new exhibition, Maynard Dixon’s American West. They are not only thanked for “walking the talk” at helping see this exhibit has come to reality, they are greatly appreciated for how with their compelling involvement in the conceptual stage of this institution’s history, they energized confidence and conviction in many others that it was the right time and community for this museum’s development as a very special place where the Old West meets the New West. 

Maynard Dixon’s American West was made possible with many other dedicated supporters and lenders who, similar to Tim and Elaine Peterson, Abe and Lalla Hays, and Drs. Mark and Kathleen Sublette, have furthered our exploration of the life and artistic career of Dixon with the loans of this artist’s important works of art from their collections. 

We are honored to be the institution to launch this world-class retrospective of the iconic artist, with the generous support of the private art lenders and institutions that joined us in this premier Maynard Dixon showcase as well as our exhibition sponsors.  

3830 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America
Maynard Dixon’s American West- Sponsor’s Panel
  1. Introduction
  2. Illustrations
  3. Arizona & New Mexico 1900-1905
  4. Kit Carson
  5. Montana 1909 & 1917
  6. Arizona & Major Artworks: The 1920s
  7. Tempe & The Apache Lands 1915
  8. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  9. The Depression Era & Boulder (Hoover) Dam, Arizona
  10. Taos, New Mexico: The 1930s
  11. Tucson, Arizona & Mount Carmel, Utah The Final Years: 1940-1946
  12. Edith Hamlin 1902 Oakland, California – 1992 San Francisco, California
  13. The Oregon Trail
  14. Poetry