Uranus (V-shaped area)

Okay, we’re getting a bit out of order now, but there is a pandemic happening and we’re all doing our best. Uranus is so special. Uranus is one of a kind. Bus seriously, Uranus symbolizes individuality, eccentricity and change. Maybe you want to take a moment to read your horoscope for the month. Or find something in your bag to adorn yourself in the mirror. Or maybe you want to pause and connect in with your uniqueness and the special gifts you have to offer the world.

Saturn Returns Masquerade
  1. Mercury (Garage)
  2. Welcome!
  3. Venus (Statue)
  4. Earth (Table by tree)
  5. Sun (Archway)
  6. Uranus (V-shaped area)
  7. Neptune (Yurt)
  8. Jupiter (Hanging boxes)
  9. Mars (Balloons)
  10. Saturn (Photo station)