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Jonathan & Rebecca Bailey House

What is now known as the Bailey House was the first house in the City of Whittier when it was founded in 1887.  Quakers and Whittier pioneers, Jonathan and Rebecca Bailey, lived here from 1887 until 1894.  The house was  opened as a museum in the mid-1970's.  It is decorated in the simple Quaker style of the late 1800's and contains many Bailey family possessions.

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13421 Camilla St., Whittier, CA, USA
Jonathan & Rebecca Bailey House
  1. Porch - Introduction to the house
  2. Dining Room
  3. Living Room
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. Bathroom
  6. Sitting Room
  7. Kitchen
  8. Children's Room
  9. Cistern
  10. Root Cellar & Barn
  11. Front and Back Yards