Chromati dcca 2020 3 c

Leslie Shaffer, Executive Director

The Delaware Contemporary is excited to announce the unveiling of The Platform Gallery, the launch pad for our public art initiative on the exterior of our building with three monumental, exuberant, and empowering figurative compositions by Theresa Chromati. A key goal for 2020 is to raise the profile of art in our community and make it accessible to the greatest number of people in the public space. The Delaware Contemporary is launching this public art initiative to encourage civic dialogue and community development by turning the exterior of our building into a public exhibition space. Through this public art initiative we will engage EVERYONE who passes on foot, by car, by train, or by bike.

Stepping Out to Step In
  1. Kristen Hileman, Curator in Residence
  2. PANGELICA/THERESA CHROMATI, ARTIST, Forming, Ripping, haha, forming, 2020
  3. Leslie Shaffer, Executive Director