Chromati dcca 2020 3 c

Kristen Hileman, Curator in Residence

Although not yet 30, Theresa Chromati has garnered critical and institutional attention for paintings that burst with color and texture as they present sophisticated compositions that layer and interweave female figures. These bodies are at once imaginative, bordering on abstract, and celebratory as they convey a variety of emotional and spiritual states of being. The artist, who is of Guyanese-American descent, has described the work as evoking different feminine energies, as well as an outlet for self-representation. In the undulating and exquisitely balanced forms one experiences sensual, aesthetic, and psychological complexity and strength. These qualities have roots in the artist's childhood in Baltimore, where she was surrounded by a tight-knit community of black women.

Stepping Out to Step In
  1. Kristen Hileman, Curator in Residence
  2. PANGELICA/THERESA CHROMATI, ARTIST, Forming, Ripping, haha, forming, 2020
  3. Leslie Shaffer, Executive Director