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The Ship Inn

Hello and welcome to South Bank Brisbane.Today we are going to take a walk through history and explore how South Bank Parklands came to be. Early years, World Expo 88, opening of the parklands and the master plan redevelopment have all shaped Southbank into one of Brisbane’s most vibrant, busy and cherished spaces. We will be walking through the Parklands along The Arbour with a stop at Stanley Street Plaza, Streets Beach and finishing at the iconic Wheel of Brisbane. This is an audio tour which gives you the freedom to pause the recording and explore the stops more as you wish. There are many bathrooms and water stations along the walk as well as a spot for swimming and plenty of eateries to enjoy a feed.

In regards to safety please stick to the paths, be cautious if slippery and in case of emergency call 000. Lifeguards are also on duty by the water and can aid in health and injury emergencies.

We start our tour here at The Ship Inn to talk about the early days of South Bank. The Inn was built in 1864 during South Bank’s run as a shipping area full of activity. The Inn became a popular hangout for sailors and is now a well-known restaurant, bar and has space for functions and events. Originally, South Bank had been a meeting place for traditional landowners, the Turrbal and Yuggera people, it became a central focus point for European settlement in the 1840’s. These settlers transformed the area into the business heart of the city. From 1850, South Bank rapidly grew to be known as Brisbane's CBD. However, severe flooding in 1893 caused the settlers to relocate to higher ground on the north banks of Brisbane River where the Central Business District is found today. By 1930, after many years of re-establishment, South Bank was once again a bustling river port and industrial zone. Waterfront markets, dance halls and theaters were buzzing with people. Over time development once again slowed and the years following World War II caused a spiral into the decline of South Bank. In 1977, the Queensland government made a decision that was intended to increase the region's popularity. Yet, when they built the Performing Arts Centre on the riverfront, little impact was observed over the following years. We will be able to spot this impressive architecture further along on this tour. Our next stop will be Stanley Street Plaza, so please follow The Arbour path and when you reach a village like street to your right veer off the path and follow the street to reach a crossroad. There are shops, food and toilets available here for you to look around and when you are ready select play on the audio to receive more historic information.

What question/s will you ask the participants at this stop? (min 2 questions)

1.    How impressive is it that South Bank has overcome so many obstacles and yet still succeeded in being part of such a popular city?

2.    By looking at this building how old do you suggest it is?

South Bank: Once Upon a Time
  1. The Ship Inn
  2. Stanley Street Plaza
  3. Streets Beach
  4. Brisbane Wheel