Dwarf Conifer Garden

This is a garden to appreciate from near and far. From a distance, the collective variation of color, size, and texture of the 120 plus different Dwarf Conifers growing in the garden stand out despite their miniature size. In late 2015, an American Conifer Society Reference Garden was planted on the grounds of LancasterHistory as part of the Tanger Arboretum. This reference garden, called the Dwarf Conifer Garden, contains many species of dwarf and miniature conifers. A conifer is considered miniature if it grows less than 1 inch per year; a dwarf if it grows 1 – 6 inches per year. An intermediate conifer is one that grows 6-12 inches per year, and "large" if the growth rate is more than 12 inches per year. The site of the garden is ideal for the health and growth of conifers year around. The hilly elevation and rocky ground cover provide the necessary drainage.  The open position on the grounds provides the access to the full sunlight that these plants thrive best in.

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