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The Beech Grove

LancasterHistory has nine distinct varieties of beech trees on the property. American Beech and European Beech can both be found near Wheatland. Where you stand in the Beech Grove, there are seven additional varieties: Copper Beech, Columnar Beech, Weeping Beech, Oakleaf Beech, Purple Beech, two Tricolor Beeches, and a Fernleaf Beech. Beeches are impressive, striking trees that showcase dramatic beauty throughout the seasons. Their parallel-veined leaf pattern, spiky seed capsules, and “elephant” like bark are stand out features to look for.

Explore LancasterHistory's Campus of History
  1. LancasterHistory Museum
  2. The Wheatland Grounds
  3. The Carriage House
  4. Wheatland's Privy
  5. Wheatland's Icehouse/Smokehouse
  6. Wheatland as a Gentleman's Farm (Wheatland Kitchen Garden)
  7. Wheatland (Back Porch)
  8. Wheatland (Front Porch)
  9. Frog Pond & West Meadow
  10. The Tanger Arboretum
  11. Pollinator Gardens
  12. The Beech Grove
  13. Dwarf Conifer Garden