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The Tanger Arboretum

Today, a large portion of Mr. Buchanan’s former estate is the home to the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum. When the Willson Memorial Building was completed in 1956, neighbor and naturalist Louise Arnold Tanger felt the landscape could use some improvement. From her home across the street on the northwest corner of President and Marietta Avenues, Mrs. Tanger offered to plant trees on the barren grounds surrounding the new building. Together with landscape designer Gustaf Malmborg, Mrs. Tanger worked to design an arboretum populated by trees from around the world. Soon, they had planted more than 100 individual species of trees, a majority of which survive today. Mrs. Tanger took charge of the grounds until her death in 1959, after which her son Charles took her place and served as the arboretum’s naturalist until his own death in 1991. Following Charles Tanger’s death, a group known as The Friends of the Tanger Arboretum was established to care for the Arboretum. This group continues to care for the Arboretum today, maintaining the trees and planning for the future.  Maps of the Arboretum are available at the LancasterHistory front desk or in a map holder outside the front doors on the east side of the main entrance to the museum.

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