Generational Fears about Climate Change

Everyone has fears -- whether they admit it or not. For some, fears arise from the spine-tingling sensation after seeing an eight-legged spider crawling after them or hearing the slither of a snake ready for its next meal. For others, fears pertain to their every-day lives: the worries of failing the IB Biology final exam; the anxiety of talking to someone they like; the stress of digitally submitting endless college applications before 11:59 pm on November 1st.

In today’s world, however, a new type of fear is emerging. While we go through our daily lives, raging fires are scorching forests and destroying homes to ashes in California, Polar Bears are losing their glacial habitats in Antarctica, and more than two hundred species are going extinct every day. The culprit behind these atrocities?

Climate Change -- and it’s becoming more and more of a danger every day. For this study, we interviewed students from four different grades: fifth, eighth, twelfth, and senior year of college.

Students in these years, though they differ in ages, all share one thing in common: they’re the oldest in their respective schools and are on the brink of making a transition into new chapters in their lives. We asked students from these grades to tell us about their fears. The discussion began by asking them about their biggest fears.

From there, we had them consider the extent to which climate change was a fear of theirs. The discussion of fear of climate change and other pressing environmental issues is essential. The earth’s health dictates the human race’s survival. As our planet continues to warm its health continues to deteriorate.

However, not all people seem to be worried -- especially the older generations. A Gallup Poll about attitude towards global warming states that only 29% of people aged 55 and older think global warming will pose a serious threat in their lifetime. But what about our younger generations -- the generations that will have to live with the effects of global warming for the rest of their lives? It would make sense that climate change is a top fear among the younger generations. But is it? 

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