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Comanche Clothing

Comanche warriors wore a leather belt with a loin cloth and leather moccasins with bison skin soles. In the cold months, they would have worn a cape of bison skin. young men often went nacked until puberty and then adorned the warriors clothing. Comanche girls were dressed in deer skin dresses and decorated in beads and shells, much like the women of the tribe. Shells, beads and decorative items were obtained by trading with the Spanish in New Mexico and other Native groups to the East. After a raid on a warehouse in San Antonio, Comanche men and women were often seen wearing clothing made from bolts of calico taken in the raid.

Copper Breaks State Park Museum Tour
  1. Bison
  2. Copper Mine
  3. Comanche History
  4. The Medicine Man
  5. The Bison and the Comanche
  6. The Parker Story
  7. The Battle of Pease River
  8. Comanche Clothing
  9. Quanah the Warrior
  10. Quanah the Statesman
  11. The Cowboy
  12. The Chuck Wagon
  13. Early Towns
  14. The end of the open range and the R2
  15. The Waggoner Ranch