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This is the Plains Bison. While the popular name is Buffalo, these magnificent animals are not in the same family with the buffalo found in Asia and Africa. Once, as many as 30 million of these bison roamed the Great Plains from Texas to the Canadian border. It was said that it could take all day for a single herd to pass by. By 1850 the Plains Bison population was split into a small Northern herd and the Southern herd covering parts of Northwest Texas, Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.

Plains Native Americans like the Comanche and Kiowa followed the bison from Montana and Wyoming into the southern plains. The Comanche Nation ruled an area of a quarter of a million square miles for 250 years in a society that depended on the Bison for food, shelter and clothing. The demise of the Bison also meant the demise of the Plains Native American.

Copper Breaks State Park Museum Tour
  1. Bison
  2. Copper Mine
  3. Comanche History
  4. The Medicine Man
  5. The Bison and the Comanche
  6. The Parker Story
  7. The Battle of Pease River
  8. Comanche Clothing
  9. Quanah the Warrior
  10. Quanah the Statesman
  11. The Cowboy
  12. The Chuck Wagon
  13. Early Towns
  14. The end of the open range and the R2
  15. The Waggoner Ranch