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CurioHunt at Curioporium

Become a hunter of the Curious, Odd & Unique.

Stalk around the shop and find doors into another world. Capture the history of our artifacts, curiosities and oddities. Interesting facts are hidden throughout the shop. In books, behind hidden compartments.  It is up to you CurioHunter to your smartphone's QR scannerand hunt down the curious.

Map $ 4.99
CurioHunt at Curioporium
  1. In the beginning there was Curiosity
  2. Our Benefactor Miss Havisham: Part I
  3. Ka’el Rah Mummy
  4. R.A.S Wren Avian Airship
  5. Fae Beauty
  6. Tuatha de Danaan Druid
  7. The Guardian
  8. Miss Havisham: Part II
  9. Miss Havisham: Part III
  10. Nevermore
  11. Mother's Milk
  12. Fairy Wasps
  13. The Battle of The Frogs And The Mice