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Rondeau Snake Research

There is ongoing research in Rondeau Provincial Park that tracks the population of the endangered Eastern Foxsnake.

What kind of research?

If a snake with a weight of under 300g is found:

- Snakes are weighed, measured, and given a Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT tag)

- A PIT tag is a very tiny electronic tag that gives each snake a different number and a way to identify them and their information

If a snake over 300g is found:

- These snakes are large enough to be given a radio transmitter!

- Transmitters are implanted in snakes through collaboration with veterinarian Dr. Sean Egan

- We are able to use telemetry to keep track of the snakes while discovering their preferred habitat and hibernacula in Rondeau

Some of our Findings:

- Some snakes are travelling over 2 kilometres a day to get to their overwintering site!

- After waking up in the Spring, these Foxsnakes keep returning to their favourite summer locations throughout the park!

- Many of the snakes we follow are surviving while living close to people - ex: in cottage sheds or even under building foundations!

This research would not be possible without the support and encouragement of park visitors and cottagers - thank you to everyone who has reported snakes to us, acted as stewards of their habitat and have gently moved snakes around you when you have encountered them!

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