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Feathered Friends of Rondeau's Marsh

Rondeau's peninsula acts as an amazing stopover for many migrating bird species. The marsh specifically, hosts thousands of waterfowl each Spring and Fall, giving them a good place to rest during their migration.

Did you know that over 35 different species of waterfowl use Rondeau's marsh!

Included in these waterfowl are two types of ducks, diving and dabbling. Diving ducks feed by diving under water for their food. Dabbling ducks feed by tipping headfirst into the water and grazing.

Additionally, birds like the Red-Winged Blackbird and the Common Yellowthroat have learned to use the invasive Phragmites to build their nests. Phragmites grow in very rigid and dense clusters making the movement of species quite difficult.

Wetlands, such as Rondeau's marsh, are important for many reasons. They help to soak up water and control flooding, while also filtering pollution out of the water and keeping everything clean. Additionally, wetlands provide great recreational opportunities for us.

Check out the Marsh Trail for a 14 kilometer (round trip) hike through Rondeau's marsh to explore this fantastic environment!

Rondeau Provincial Park Visitor Centre
  1. Feathered Friends of Rondeau's Marsh
  2. Rondeau's Turtles
  3. Fungi in the Forest
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  5. Rondeau's Sloughs
  6. The Trees of Rondeau
  7. Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle
  8. Rondeau's Dunes
  9. Lake Erie
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