August 015

Regents Canal Camden Lock to Little Venice

The Regents canal opened in 1820 linking the Grand Union canal at Little Venice and the River Thames at Limehouse, providing an important industrial transport route.

Today, the canal is a leisurely corridor through London, navigated by leisure boats and lined with live aboard houseboats.

Our route travels between vibrant Camden Lock where you’ll find the world-famous Camden Market, to picturesque Little Venice . We pass through Regent’s Park, the grounds of London Zoo and through the echoey depths of the 249 metre Maida Hill tunnel

As we pass through London Zoo, keep an eye out for the warthogs and their neighbours the African hunting dogs. The pack can often be seen as we pass their canal side enclosure, with the imposing structure of Lord Snowden's recently converted Columbus Monkey climb (originally the world's first walk-through aviary) over on the opposite bank.

You can see the expansive and perfectly landscaped back gardens of stately houses and modern classical villas used by Ambassadors and visiting international diplomats, contrasted with industrial buildings, a power station and architecture including ornamental iron bridges such as the pillared Macclesfield bridge.

From modern day urban graffiti, unique architecture, industrial history to landscaped gardens and wildlife, the route gives an insight to the unique mix that shaped this part of London.

58 Camden Lock Place, Camden, London, United Kingdom
Regents Canal Camden Lock to Little Venice
  1. Camden Lock
  2. Industry
  3. Pirates, trains and horse ramps
  4. Cumberland Turn
  5. Blow up Bridge
  6. Chalbert (Tyburn) bridge
  7. Stately houses and gardens
  8. Marylebone Wide
  9. Maida Hill Tunnel
  10. Toll House
  11. Browning's Pool