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1913 Cole Series 60 Roadster

The Cole Roadster was introduced in 1913 and originally priced at $2,500. It has a straight six-cylinder engine capable of producing 40 horsepower. The sporty two-seater impresses with its sizeable chassis and long wheelbase, impractical as it was. 

The diamond-tufted upholstery and rich wood trim make it easy to see how the Cole Roadster won first place at the Vintage Motor Car Club of America show in 1967. The Cole boasts original instruments, including a nickel motometer, clock, and speedometer.  A removable top allows the motorist to cruise along with true roadster abandon. Electric starting and lighting systems were innovative for 1913, and the series 60 Cole afforded the buyer these innovations and more. 

Cole owners loved their Indianapolis-built automobiles. According to a Wisconsin Cole owner, “I believe I have attained very close to the height of automobile perfection in moderate priced cars." J. J. Cole, the founder of the Cole Motor Car Company, coined the term “The Standardized Car,” which refers to the “system of manufacturing from which the best possible product for the lowest possible price results.” Cole built his automobiles using only the most recognized parts and claimed that Cole was the “World’s first completely standardized car.” Timken axles, Gemmer gears and Delco lights were some of the names J. J. Cole utilized in his quest for the standardization.

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