Lotus children    1

Lotus Children

Lotus Children is a two-metre-tall titanium sculpture – a lotus flower at the gentle caress of the wind. While the titanium petals twist and fold upon the invisible force of the wind, the empowering and meticulous carving on the petals suggests a feat of strength and vitality.

A permeating theme in this creation, “children” are seen everywhere. Surrounding the pistil – a citrine – are four children, each of them a symbol of the four seasons. They are the annual cycle that represents growth and eternity.

Knowing that the Heart Sutra in Buddhism contains a total of 268 characters, the creator divided the number by three, and created a total of 89 children that would climb on the buds of the lotus flower. Like a flower eager to explore its habitat, the children are filled with genuine curiosity about the world. They reach out to the world, longing for interaction and communication.

A glass panel supports the blooming lotus, encouraging it to float in the air, to excel and be elegant. In the transparent and invisible, there are also strength and vitality to be found.

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