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Nebula in a Dream

It is known that there are over 17,000 butterfly species in the world. If there is a dream inside each butterfly, how many dreams would there be? If there is a story in each butterfly, how many of those have been told, and how many are left unheard?

To the creator, butterflies have always been the nectar of creativity, and the incarnation of his dreams that flit from the earth to the sky, and now to the universe.

The energy of the universe flows through their bodies in the form of meticulous carving that resembles the paths of the stars. They are the nebulae in the creator’s dreams, created at different, one-and-only moments of time, represented by their unique burst of colours that belongs to them and them alone.

Every butterfly represents a different time, a different self, a different dream, a different story, and a different universe. As the creator’s perception and interpretation of butterflies transformed, his butterfly creations, too, underwent a process of metamorphosis.

At times, they are the flying colours in his childhood, or the Chinese love story called the Butterfly Lovers; at times, they are the Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi’s the Butterfly Dream, or the creator’s curiosity now about the universe; at times, they are all of the above, and something more.

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