W chan asia 127

The Origin of Light Series – Origin of Life

After the dawn of the universe, there came the sky and earth, day and night, yin and yang, and the origin of life. Without life, existence does not exist.

Origin of Life is a microscopic universe where seeds are flowers, and flowers are seeds. The mirrors construct an illusion of warped time and space, where past and future meet. The sperm is the revisited past of the babies, while the babies are the foreseen future of the sperm. Swimming upstream and crawling upwards, they are the reflection of each other, and symbolize the evolution of life – from striving for mere existence and survival to seeking love, warmth, and greater meanings.

Reflecting and visually multiplying the babies within the sculpture, the mirrors are also a symbol of infinity, representing the unlimited possibilities that life entails. As humans, we constantly find ourselves in a mass of similarities. Yet, through this creation, Wallace Chan reminds us, using our most primitive form as sperm, that despite being one among a million, we are one in a million.

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