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This is a spoon, but not just any spoon. This is porcelain, but not just any porcelain.

To the young Wallace Chan, a porcelain spoon was much more than a standard utensil – it was freedom, warmth, comfort and love.

Growing up, never with enough food on the table, Chan and his siblings had to take turns sharing a plastic spoon while they ate. The adults in the family used porcelain spoons. He longed just to touch a porcelain spoon, just to see how one would feel.

One day, his curiosity got the best of him. He reached for the porcelain spoon, and right as he thought he had it, it slipped from his fingers, and shattered into pieces. He thought to himself, for such a seemingly sturdy material, it deserved to be stronger, as strong as the centuries of history surrounding it.

His heart broke. But the curiosity never left him, nor did porcelain, as it appeared time and again in his life that eventually led to his resolution to reshape porcelain. To reimagine it. To rebuild it.

After seven years, and countless trials and errors, The Wallace Chan Porcelain – a material five times stronger than steel, with rich colour, intense lustre, toughness and a contemporary spirit – was born.

And with its creation came a powerful realization: Our memory is our greatest material.

The spirit of what we once knew — in an earlier time in our lives, or on a previous plane of existence — shapes all that we encounter again.

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