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Hera, a brooch and a ring, is the symbol of female power, loyalty, eternity, and love. As the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology, Hera had a loyal servant, Argus, who had a hundred eyes on his body, and carried out his mission for Hera until his last breath. To honour his unfaltering loyalty and bravery, Hera adorned the tail of the peacock – her favourite animal – with the “starry jewels” that had been the eyes of her beloved servant.

To the creator, these eyes are the eyes of the universe, of all living things. When you look at them, they look back at you. They tell you stories you have never heard before. Their wisdom brightens your heart.

Hera strikes a balance between realistic and abstract – like a dream you carry from your sleep into your waking world. Alongside this peacock, the creator flew to the universe, to another planet. On this planet, he spent four years handpicking each of the thousands of gemstones to form an aura with gradient colours on the plumage. The colours create an optical illusion as Hera herself transforms at different viewing angles, changing from yellow to green to a blend of both.

The black opal, because of its changing colours, stands for the universe. It is the eye of the universe that sees all, knows all, and tells all. It is honesty. It is loyalty. It is undying passion. It is a torch of inextinguishable light that symbolizes the endlessness of the universe.

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