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A New Generation

In front of you is a replica of A New Generation. Currently on exhibit at the British Museum, it is the very first creation of Wallace Chan’s that features The Wallace Chan Porcelain, a material five times stronger than steel, newly invented and reborn on the foundation of porcelain’s rich culture and history.

Many centuries ago, Chinese astronomers observed something no one had ever seen before. The object shimmered like a star, occurring an average of three times every 100 years, but its sparkle did not fade so quickly. It didn’t soar across the sky like a comet. It shined far brighter, for far longer: It was a supernova.

A New Generation is the blending of stories from the past with the spirit of today. On one hand, the three sapphires represent a century’s supernovas. Their vibrant nature is a symbol of vitality, outshining entire galaxies. On the other hand, the amorphous, futuristic shape of the ring is reminiscent of a figure rich in Chinese tradition – the peapod. A display of the long-lived auspicious Chinese numerology, a peapod with three peas symbolizes fortune, prosperity, and longevity. Jade peapods are also often given to couples on their wedding day, as they are believed to bring fertility and good fortune. With the band intricately carved to resemble human muscle – a symbol of energy, strength and courage – the vivid innovation literally stands on its own.

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