Welcome to Saltburn!

Welcome to Saltburn by the Sea, a beautiful Victorian town situated on the North Yorkshire coast.

During this tour, you will be shown many of the grand buildings and interesting attractions the area has to offer. You will also learn some of the area's long and interesting history including world records, race cars, royalty, and even exotic wildlife such as Eagles and Kangaroos

You have full control of where you start and which route you take to fit you best. As we arrive at each chosen destination, take time to enjoy your surroundings, use your imagination to picture how it would have looked in days past, and listen to the wonderful, varied history of our glorious little town.

To begin, please choose a destination to go to and click upon arrival.

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Marine Parade, Saltburn by the Sea, North Yorkshire, England
Welcome to Saltburn!
  1. Saltburn Beach
  2. Albert memorial
  3. Saltburn pier
  4. Saltburn Valley
  5. Saltburn Bandstand
  6. Wesley Chapel
  7. Early History
  8. John McGough Bench
  9. The Zetland
  10. War Memorial
  11. Saltburn House/Rose Arbours
  12. Saltburn Cliff Lift
  13. The Cleveland Way
  14. Balmoral Terrace
  15. Lodge Row