Butterfly garden thumboormuzhy

Thumboormuzhy Dam, Butterfly Park, Hanging Bridge

Thumboormuzhi dam and the butterfly park located near to it are one among the most famous tourist spot in Thrissur. The butterfly park is located about 55kms from Thrissur and is on the way to Athirappilly waterfall. Thumboormuzhi dam is built across the Chalakudy River and the park is on the banks of the river.

The Thumboormuzhi check dam across the Chalakudy River divert water for irrigation purpose. Here a portion of the water from the river splits in to two canals namely Edathukara canal (left side canal) and Valathukara canal (right side canal). These canals are the backbone of the irrigation for the nearby villages. During summers almost whole of the river water will be directed towards the canals and the river bed will be visible.

Thumboormuzhi is also a natural habitat of butterflies. Almost every species of butterfly in the world harbors at Thumboormuzhi. At Thumboormuzhi Butterfly Park, you can enjoy the nature to its fullest and see how natures' two different creations, butterfly and flowers converse each other.

About 148 species of Butterflies can be seen in the park. If you reach early morning you can see bigger butterfly similar to birds. During the monsoon, the biggest of the butterflies visit the park and is the unique feature of the butterfly park in Thumboormuzhi. Some of the butterflies that can generally be seen in the garden include lemon butterfly (Papilio demoleus), southern birdwing (Troides minos), common rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae), light blue tiger (Tirumala limniace), dark blue tiger (Tirumala septentrionis).

Some of the plants which are grown in the park as feed for butterflies include Pagoda flower, rattlepods, Mexican heather or Hawaiin Heather, Rubiaceae, flame lily or fire lily, Heliotropium keralense (Medicinal Plant) and more. The park also includes river view, virgin forest view, a beautiful garden and children's park. The park is well equipped with a DTPC restaurant, bathing ghat, snack bar, Chinese pavilion, and washrooms and parking areas to make your trip comfortable. 


Mazha Yathra
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