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THE TALK OF WINSTON Discover the charm and character of the iconic tobacco city filled with scenic history. Winston's architecture and cultural heritage is still a part of today. I hope you will find downtown Winston as interesting as I have during my research. Stroll back in time and picture what it was like to see these beautiful building for the first time when tall structures were just a concept. I promise you will have a new perspective of the city.

Because of the close confines, the best overall view the lankmarks are often across the street. There is no paticular sequence that must be followed. One can stop or start at any point. The best feature of an audio tour! Explore and casually take in the sights. It may take you about an hour and a little more if you take it slower. Any point along the route, pause to explore your own findings or enjoy a local pastry or beverge. Wear confortable shoes, watch for traffic and enjoy! 

If you discover something along the way and would like to share it with us, send us an email to thetalkofwinston@gmail.com. Please give us a review on YELP or TripAdvisor. Share any pictures on our facebook page. We love seeing how much fun you are having and know where you are visting from. 

Approximate time: 2-1/2 hours with no stops. 

Your first stop starts at the statue of the founder of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Richard Joshua Reynolds from Virginia.

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190 North Main Street , Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States
  1. Tour Map
  2. Richard Joshua Reynolds Equestrian Memorial Statue ~ Corner of 190 North Main Street
  3. Winston Salem City Hall ~ 101 North Main Street
  4. Wachovia Bank & Trust ~ 8 West 3rd Street
  5. The Original Forsyth County Courthouse ~ 10 West 3rd Street
  6. RJ Reynolds Company ~ 401 North Main Street
  7. O'Hanlon Building ~ 103 West 4th Street
  8. The Pepper Building ~ 116 West 4th Street
  9. Morris Plan Industrial Bank- 206 West 4th Street
  10. Dale Carnegie Library ~ 211 West 3rd Street
  11. The Nissen Building ~ 310 West 4th Street
  12. Roger L. Stevens Center~ 405 West 4th Street
  13. The Journal Sentinel ~ 418 Marshall Street
  14. Shamrock Mills ~226 Marshall Street
  15. Wachovia Tower ~ 100 North Main Street