Artist Statement


“Life isn’t static, you can’t help but enjoy the atmosphere of beautiful places when you are outside experiencing the outdoors. It is a reflective activity where we are able to think freely without distractions, which in turn creates a joyful experience which uplifts the heart. Nature is captivating and awe inspiring. It provides us with endless dynamic views which adjust every second with fleeting changes in the landscape due to the weather, sunlight or season. As an artist the coast, landscape and forest are places to observe and take in the mood, to identify shapes and forms through spontaneous mark making in a sketchbook, paper or canvas.

I work instinctively, mainly in oils, watercolours and mixed media. Sometimes I let the paint flow and mingle, other times I may use bold, energetic marks or concentrate on delicately capturing the contrast in light and tone. If things get too static, I have to throw out the worries about precision and just play with the paint in an experimental approach using unusual tools and media combinations. The paint often does its own thing, just like nature!”

Light - Solo Art Exhibition by Kate Marr
  1. Light
  2. Audio of Poole Harbour
  3. Audio of Bournemouth Beach
  4. Audio of Hengistbury Head
  5. Audio of The New Forest
  6. Artist Statement
  7. Biography Part 1
  8. Biography Part 2
  9. Audio of Anses Wood, The New Forest
  10. Audio of a Woodland Walk
  11. Audio of Rhinefield Ornamental Drive, The New Forest
  12. Thank you for visiting!