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Sean may have been the easiest and certainly one of the most fun people to paint.  For me, at least, any time someone gives me something more than their simple face, I usually have so much more to work with.  Sean gave me all kinds of points of reference on his face — his beard, his mustache, his glasses, and his hat.  It didn’t hurt that he was interesting to talk to as well.  Early on in this project, I kinda ran up against a built-in contradiction to the composition of a pizza box.  The boxes are square and faces are oval.  Faces don’t usually belong in square frames.  And when they do, what do you do with all that empty background?  Early on, I guess I just thought that it would be interesting to color it for the moment.  And then I used that solid color solution for many of the paintings that followed.

The Pizza Box Portrait Project . September 6 - 29, 2019
  1. Overview
  2. Jennifer
  3. Garette
  4. Karin
  5. Julia
  6. Sean
  7. Helen
  8. Dominic
  9. Catherine
  10. Namrata
  11. Justin
  12. Randy
  13. Ya Ya
  14. Melody
  15. Elysia
  16. Nicole
  17. Sonya
  18. Nokoa
  19. Paige
  20. Jason
  21. Ellie
  22. Emily
  23. Susan
  24. Wesley
  25. Rasheem
  26. Allison
  27. LaWanda
  28. Christine
  29. Seper
  30. Shoshana
  31. Dwayne
  32. Tyler
  33. Jarreau
  34. Marina
  35. Curtis
  36. Madeleine
  37. Stephanie
  38. Chris
  39. Erica
  40. Jamie
  41. Jasmine
  42. What’s next?
  43. Portrait Party . Sep. 15 . 2-4pm