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PATHWAYS: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway

Arlington Public Art is bringing art to one of Arlington's busiest public spaces: The Minuteman Bikeway.  This green corridor enables thousands of people to commute to work sustainably. Thousands more are able to walk a car-free route for errands, recreation, and the pleasures of nature.    Now Bikeway users can enjoy art as well!  Every year we commission several artists to create work that is inspired by the Bikeway – its social life and its natural environment.

PATHWAYS is located on a section of the Bikeway in Arlington's new Cultural District, which stretches from Capitol Square in East Arlington to Arlington Center.  PATHWAYS invites people to use the Bikeway as an alternative to Massachusetts Avenue, a tree-shaded route to travel between two vibrant hubs of town life, with their cafes, restaurants, neighborhood shops, libraries, and spaces for making or experiencing art, music, film & more. 

PATHWAYS is supported by the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture, the Arlington Cultural Council, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  We hope you enjoy it!

Minuteman Bikeway entrance at Linwood Street, Arlington, MA, USA
PATHWAYS: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway
  1. Colony by Christopher and Basil Frost
  2. Colony - Hear from the artist!
  3. ExtraOrdinary Birds by Resa Blatman and Ellen Reed
  4. Room to Grow by Freedom Baird – Intro
  5. Room To Grow Description
  6. Rhetoric of Opposites by Nilou Moochhala
  7. Rhetoric of Opposites – the original word pairs
  8. Rooom to Grow – Hear from the artist!
  9. Dots & Dashes – Hear from the artist!
  10. Dots & Dashes by Johnny Lapham
  11. Rhetoric of Opposites – Hear from the artist!