Offerings and shareing in kinship

Offerings are very important in your journey with the elementals.

This shows trust , honour and love 

Just as in the ancient times our ancestors would often bring or leave gifts to the gods and spirits of nature and to each other .

It shows freindship and love .

Unfortunately, this has changed a lot in society today .

And people have in my own opinion become more selfish.

Do people bring gifts when invited to a meal 

Some do .

Not many 

Do people give back as in when something has been given .

No rarely .

People love free and even except free .

This is against the whole universal law of balance in witchcraft 

And must not be broken 

As any good witch knows , we must always uphold the universal law of balance 

As the universe will forever demand it .

So give and take is your key.

Never lose it .

Balance is your key word and the core of witchcraft

And is an essential when working with the Elementals .

Offerings should be given as much as you can .

Obviously depends on your budget and the Fae will respect this .

But remember not to be greedy .

As in Faery lore greed will not be tolerated 

And even may be punished .

The Merfolk are part of the Fae 

And some lores will never change .

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