Connecting to the sea 

Ok so before you first even think of connecting to any elemental.

It's all about kinship 

This is where it all starts .


As with most elementals .

You can't just go to the ocean or forest , sit there and expect huge miracles just be sitting there .

It does not work that way 

Miracles yes ! 

Without a doubt these beautiful elementals will change your life .

They very changed mine , and that's why I sit here writing this book .

So others can also take the opportunity to befriend these amazing Powerful elementals .

For they really are gifts from nature 

And believe me ,when I say your life will change 

Because it will 


So what is kinship 

Kinship is family ,friendship .

A bit like fight to the death to honour and protect .

Think viking .

The Fae have true honour and rightly so 

They know their worth 

And they will expect you to honour this also .

After all they are the Fae .

The most powerful force in nature there is. 

Tenfold little creatures and some not so little 

REMEMBER the Faery lore 


They return to you what you give to them 


Good and bad .

So Remember to respect and honour.

For this is not something you just choose to do at a whim 

It is a calling 

And  if you're not ready .

Then just wait. 

Wait untill you are .

Because connecting in kinship with the Merfolk 

Is not something you should take lightly.

For when you do, it will be for life and the next life and for evermore.

Believe in your calling.

And honour your place in kinship to the spirits of the deep.

For it will be the 1st day of your reason of being .

Your true calling 

Your destiny provails 

Working with the Merfolk spirts
  1. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 1
  2. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 2
  3. Diffrent types of sea spirts
  4. The difference between mermaids and sirens
  5. What do mermaids do
  6. Kinship
  7. Offerings and shareing in kinship
  8. Offerings for the Merfolk
  9. Merfolk and the Faery lore