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What do mermaids do

Ok , now that's a pretty good question actually . What do mermaids do? Well they can do a lot actually . You're probably used to the fairy books and tails that talk of mermaids who fall in love with humans etc And blah blah . Well yes of course they fall in love with humans. More to the fact because they're emotional and deep . I mean they love and I really mean love right down to the deep blue ocean and fix it with a great big blue anchor type love . That's just their way . You'll find all water elementals are . Even us humans who are classed as having that water elemental energy in us ,also take on that deep emotional energy . Ok so what do they do? Well apart from the obvious . Love . They also work on prosperity , success , life goals and destiny . Yes that's right destiny . They don't want you to fail , no more than you do . They want you to succeed . Once you got a mermaid by your side . You really have got a freind for life . The mermaid is the mother , the best friend ,the go to out of all the elements . She is the feminine ,the kind gentle female energy who soothes , guides and yes tells you off when she needs to . Her goddess , her ruler as to say is Yemaya but we'll discuss goddess Yemaya later . The goddess of the ocean . Mermaids can help you believe in yourself . To succeed . To find that hidden pearl . To become and to reach to the very depths of the ocean. And become you ! Yes you ! She makes you believe in yourself And well, who knows where that will take you ! Beyond your very dreams. That's where .

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