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The difference between mermaids and sirens

The difference between mermaids and sirens 

Ok guys .

There's so much confusion bewteen these beautiful entities 

So let's get things untangled and let's talk about the differences.

Mermaids and sirens have always been demonized by the church since 250BC

Back when everyone was pagan .

Like the whole world.

Before religion was ever thought about ,let alone a church ever being built .

Every one worshipped and loved the ocean and Forest and respected the spirits , the elementals.

It wasn't untill religion got a grip and demanded power and control over the masses ,that mermaids and sirens where respected and most people knew the difference .

But I guess with the confusion and the false messages that were given to people that all sea spirits were evil .

I kind of can guess and see why people get confused .

The church has demonized the Merfolk since 250BC 

When they tried to kill and destroy the pagans for not converting to church ,they also tried to demonize all their God's and entities.

Of course , to control them .

What else?

So let's get this sorted .

Mermaids .

Are of of the light divine 

Healing , love , beauty , prosperity 

They're very gentle and timid entities .

Have a childlike energy 

Full of vibrant happy character and great sense of humour .

They tend to laugh a lot to 

Almost cheeky and child like 

They're very high in morals and ethics 

And hate anything sordid or improper

Their family oriented 

And are spirits of true love , the soul mate.

They believe in commitment and family values 

And are easily offended by bad behaviour or anything unsavoury towards others 

They are extremely sensitive and hate violence.

They make beautiful mothers and can help humans with lots of wonderful things in life 





Self esteem 


Reaching your destiny 

Ok so let's look at sirens 


The dark path 





Their of course the dark side of the elementals

Everything has it's dark side 

Not to be crossed with 

And not to be mistaken as a mermaid 

They are extremely dangerous 

So how can you tell the difference 

Well the same as you will with any spirit 

The same any witch would do 

Vibrations and energy 

You will know the light 

And .you will know the dark 

I advise you walk the right hand path 


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