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Working with the Merfolk spirts

Welcome my second book .

Working with the Merfolk.

Have you ever looked out to the ocean and thought ,wow ! 

Is there really another dimension.

The mefolk .

Mermaids .

Spirits of the sea .

The spirits of the deep .

The beautiful folk .

Who are they .

Are they real .

Are they dangerous or have they been demonized by religion all this time 

Who are they 

What dimension do they live on .

Ate they paranormal entites or deities 

Well ! 

When I first connected to the merfolk .

I did not believe .

Well not really 

Kind if maybe , but not completely .

Well I had my eyes opened with quite a mind blowing event that I shall never forget 

And I'm here to tell my story 

And in turn , to bring love , healing and a real world of beauty and escapsim for everyone who is looking for it out there .

Be them woman , man or child .

Be prepared to open your eyes to the real world of the paranormal 

The Merfolk 

All proceeds go towards helping women everywhere to find there own paths in society .

To be strong .

And achieve there goals and live there dreams 

No matter who they are and where they have came from .

Celebration of women and children 

To motivate and support you to reach your life goals and destiny 

In my daily Facebook events and shows 

Supporting each other .

Because you can do this ! 

With are love and blessings of the ocean wide and deep 

We bring you much healing 

Sea embrace ❤️

Witch Guinivere and Rose 🌹

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Merfolk deep , Plymouth, Uk, Uk
Working with the Merfolk spirts
  1. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 1
  2. What's your calling ! Can you really do this ! part 2
  3. Diffrent types of sea spirts
  4. The difference between mermaids and sirens
  5. What do mermaids do
  6. Kinship
  7. Offerings and shareing in kinship
  8. Offerings for the Merfolk
  9. Merfolk and the Faery lore