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Start of ACPP Sensory Trail

Welcome to the Arcade Creek Park Preserve Sensory Trail. This trail is designed for anyone with a curiosity for our natural world, including friends with wheelchairs, developmental differences, low vision, or low hearing. 

There is a guide rope that spans the entire length of the trail, located on your right hand side. The first point of interest along this trail is located just 10 wood posts away, between post 10 and 11. 

Even though Arcade Creek park preserve is in the middle of a busy city, there are many types of wildlife that call it home. Some of these creatures, like the opossum and raccoon, are shy by nature. They prefer to come out at night when the park visitors have gone home. Others, such as the squirrels, are visible all day long gathering acorns or running up tree trunks.

Please proceed to post number 10 where you can learn more about various animals that call the Sacramento Valley home. In between post 10 and 11 there is a tactile sign with various animal tracks. Once you reach this sign, you can start the next stop of this tour. 

ACPP Sensory Trail
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  2. Start of ACPP Sensory Trail
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