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ACPP Sensory Trail

The Arcade Creek Park Preserve Sensory trail is a 400-foot accessible loop, located just off the main trail that you are currently walking on. You will come to a trailhead sign on the right side of the trail in approximately 1,300 feet. This sign will signify the start of the sensory trail. The trail is paved and features a guide rope that will direct you to certain stops of interest along the trail. These stops include 2 tactile signs, 1 sound box with 8 different selections, local trees and fauna, and multiple sitting areas.

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6377 Bonham Circle , Citrus Heights, CA, United States
ACPP Sensory Trail
  1. Start of Tour
  2. Start of ACPP Sensory Trail
  3. Point of Interest #1
  4. Point of Interest # 2
  5. Point of Interest # 3
  6. Point of Interest # 4
  7. Point of Interest #5