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Recorriendo el Museo del acero (Touring the Steel Museum)

This is a Spanish language audio tour of the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor.  The museum's site manager, Dr. Marcelle Wilson, in conjunction with Dr. Diana Palardy, Department of the World Languages and Cultures at Youngstown State University, and her student Brea Tinsely worked on this project for the growing Spanish speaking population of Youngstown and its surrounding areas.  Brea worked at the museum during her Service Learning Project and translated and recorded our first floor tour into Spanish.  Youngstown, Ohio has a rich and diverse population, made up of immigrants from all around the world who were drawn here to work in our steel mills and factories.  Migrants from around the country moved here as well for the jobs and opportunities that they provided.  Many of our steel mills have closed but the area continues to see diversity throughout the community as new residents move here for the many opportunities available.  We hope this Spanish language audio tour helps to convey the history of our area to a new, wider audience.

151 West Wood Street, Youngstown, Ohio, United States
Recorriendo el Museo del acero (Touring the Steel Museum)
  1. Museum Introduction
  2. Exhibit 1--Steel Worker
  3. Exhibit 2--Iron
  4. Exhibit 3--Tools
  5. Exhibit 4--Steel Logo
  6. Exhibit 5--1916 Riot
  7. Exhibit 6--Company Houses
  8. Exhibit 7--Locker Room
  9. Exhibit 8--Health and Safety Equipment
  10. Exhibit 9--Men in company Hospital
  11. Exhibit 10--Blooming Mill
  12. Exhibit 11--Deindustrialization and Decline