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Water elementals

Water elementals!




Swan maidens!


Are just a few !

Again a very real part of the Fae!

Dimension 3!

Water elementals are wonderful!





Healing ! 

They tend to work well with earth elementals as earth tends to absorb water !

So therefore grounding the water element!

Where vice versa water elementals tend to soften up the very stubborn reserved earth element !

So they really do make a good mix!

It is said in my experience and in Faery law of the supernatural kind!

Water elementals have a great relationship with earth elementals.

And can even mate and come together at times .

Possibly even falling in love on the fae realms ! 

Yes love ! 

Of course ! 

Nature spirits mate to ! 

There highly emotional little creatures and breed just like us .

A water elemental and a earth elemental would be known as a hybrid .

So for example a mix of a elven and mermaid or a animal type shape shifter.

Such as a quon

A cat type earth elemental who do tend to have quite a soft spot for the beautiful mer folk ! 

Though therfore giveing life to a hybrid of well ! 

Very good balance ! 

The earthly grounding and stability.

And the flow and emotions of the water element .

A perfect balance indeed !

The merfolk is probably the most common elemental that we think of when we say water .

But there are so many elements and so much to explore ! 

But let's leave that for another book ! 

Rome wasn't built in a day ! 

The merfolk tend to be the most trickiest to connect to.

More to do with there very sensitive nature and there need to trust fully before bonding with another .

Such as a human ! 

But they do and yes you can ! 

But it will take a while and you will need to put in a lot of determination and of course a lot love and gentleness .

You see the mermaid is extremely sensitive and will only attach to those who truly are true of heart.

And once they attach ! 

It's not just for this life ! 

It's for life after life after life ! 

It's for eternity! 

So make sure it definitely is what you want ! 

As merfolk really are special and need to be treated accordingly ! 

Love , healing and prosperity are the gifts of the mermaid ! 

Life changeing ! 

Sea embrace!

The great Faerie journey begins
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