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Meet the Fae

The Fae come under a great big umbrella.

There all of course on the same dimension as in dimension 3.

But come in different fae as to say.

Just like we have different cultures and ways of liveing.

The Fae have to !

So let's have a look them a little but closer shall we!

Let's introduce you to the fae!

We have of course 4 elements.

Earth , fire ,air and water !

Each nature spirt lives or resides in each element.

A little like we live in different country's.

They all look different,have different supernatural powers and like different things .

So that's why we need to work with and look at each elemental separately .

One thing they do have in common though is they both have light and dark .

Just like us .

And they all come from nature .

Hence the word nature spirits .

Take a little time to think ?

What's your favorite element?

Where do you like to reside?

What makes you feel good ?

Earth meaning the woodland and forest.

Fire meaning bonfires and flames.

Air meaning the mountains and even thunder storms.


Water meaning the ocean , lakes and rivers .

Where ever you fit in .

That's probably your element.

Take time to find your element.

Because that's where your find your inner self , your gifts and abilities.

A place for you to heal and connect at a deep spiritual  level .

Of course you can like more than one element . More common 2 at most !

That could even point towards being a recarnatied elemental or hybrid in some cases. 

where look in to that a little later !

The great Faerie journey begins
  1. Opening section
  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
  3. What is the Fae
  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
  6. Earth elementals
  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
  9. Air elementals
  10. Nature spirits