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What is the Fae

The Fae are nature spirits,elementals,and little supernatural creatures.

That are extremely powerful! 

When we talk three fold,well these are most definitely ten fold!

Just because there freindly and welcomeing ,doesn't mean you can get away with disrespecting them or feel you won't need protection at times of spell work or other majikal conjourings.

There are of course two types of Fae.

There's the seelie court and the unseelie court .

One dark and one light ! 

But where go in to that a little bit later.

All the same it's very important you adhere to Faery witch rules ,as you really do not want to be getting on the wrong side of the Fae .

And you most certainly do not want to be meddleing with the unseelie court ! 

Those who do will have a very sharp encounter indeed ! 

Where not talking fairy tales from books or chrildrens classics. 

Though many of these are actually taken from the real occult and folklore passed down over many centuries.

Where talking the real Fae .

The real occult and witchcraft of Faery lore !

So come on !

Are you ready to meet them !

Know allow yourself to be in for a very majikal experience!

The great Faerie journey begins
  1. Opening section
  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
  3. What is the Fae
  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
  6. Earth elementals
  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
  9. Air elementals
  10. Nature spirits