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Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞

This book is dedicated to my daughter Emerald.Emerald  suffered extreme bullying at school which led to Emerald being mentally traumatised. This book is for all those who feels society is a cruel dark place and needs some where to escape . The faerie realm! Where acceptance and healing really does exist! Escape to the other dimension!

The Faery folk are waiting. Blessings , love and a place of happiness and childlike joy . Let's stamp out bullying in schools everywhere

Faeries against bullying !

Emerald your my sunshine Shine above it For there really is magic out there .

10 % of proceeds go to prevention of teenage suicide.

Stamping out bully's!

Faerys against bully's!

Supernatural little creatures that come  with ten fold karma . Published by witch Guineveres Guided by witch Guinivere Faery guide Rose

The great Faerie journey begins
  1. Opening section
  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
  3. What is the Fae
  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
  6. Earth elementals
  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
  9. Air elementals
  10. Nature spirits