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Welcome to the Haunted Antique Shop

Welcome to the Haunted Antique Shop! We're glad you're here.

Step into the Haunted Antique Shop, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll be surrounded by antiques and memorabilia that were loved and cherished by earlier generations, in a historic Craftsman bungalow that was built in 1920.

You’ll also find yourself surrounded by spirits.

Some are the ghosts of those who treasured the objects in our collection. Some are returning to the house itself because they lived and worked here. And some come through the door with living visitors, joining them in spirit, hoping to reconnect.

The Haunted Antique Shop is a family business, and we see evidence of haunting every single day. Some of our displays are mysteriously rearranged during the dark of night. Doors open and close on their own. Lights turn on and off, seemingly of their own accord. When we’re in the office or the back room, the front door regularly chimes as if a customer has come in, but when we go to greet them, no one is there — and the door is firmly closed. And on quiet weekend afternoons, when the traffic outside comes to a lull, we hear the sound of horses and carriages on the street outside, just as we would have heard a century ago.

Here at the Haunted Antique Shop, we make it our goal to ensure that everyone who comes in will be reminded of other places and other times. We’re here to help you rediscover happy memories — and make new ones in the process.

Haunted Antique Shop
  1. Welcome to the Haunted Antique Shop
  2. Cabinet of Curiosities
  3. Haunted Charlie
  4. Ghost Hunting Kit
  5. Spirit Keys
  6. Tarot Parlor
  7. Dining Room
  8. Meet the Author
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