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Tarot Parlor

This Craftsman bungalow used to be a family home. The two rooms off to the side of the front room used to be bedrooms. Today we use the first bedroom as a tarot parlor, and the second bedroom as an office. 

Take a look into our tarot parlor. The round table in the center of the room features an inlaid wood design, and it's the perfect size for studying card layouts and astrology charts.

The four chairs around the table date to the 1930s or 40s, complete with needlepoint seat covers that someone took great care to embellish with a floral motif.

We keep our extra tarot decks and other divination tools in the Art Deco vanity, which has a beautiful round mirror. And just to remind us that this used to be a bedroom, we keep some supplies in the vanity's matching chest of drawers.

If you would like a tarot or astrology reading, just ask! We take appointments, and we're happy to accommodate walk-in visitors. Our most popular offering is a three-card reading for $30. Other options are listed in our psychic reading brochure.

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