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Ghost Hunting Kit

We keep a ghost hunting toolkit near our front entrance. When you visit, you’re welcome to borrow our tools and try your hand at ghost hunting.

If you watch ghost-hunting shows, you’ve probably seen some of the tools we use. We’ve got some EMF meters that measure electro-magnetic fields around objects. There’s a spirit radio that quickly scans the AM-FM radio dial, so ghosts can pluck the words they need out of the air. We also have a digital voice recorder to capture spirit voices that respond to spoken questions. Recordings are known as EVPs, which stands for electronic voice phenomena. 

You might want to try your hand at dowsing, an age-old technique that uses copper rods. Hold one in each hand, with your arms at your sides. Clear your mind, breathe deeply, and ask the rods to point you in the direction you should go.

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